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They say it's your birthday...

Thu 11 Dec 2003, 11:13 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Well, it's my birthday too.  Of course, that means the server has been down half the day and I am working on a critical regression problem for a client and ...  Anyway, Happy Birthday to any of you out there that share it with me!

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What has been said:

83.1. Thomas Duff
(12/11/2003 09:43 AM)

Happy day! Are you old yet? :-)

83.2. Chris Toohey
(12/11/2003 01:19 PM)

Happy Birthday Ben!

83.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/11/2003 01:33 PM)

Not old yet! But, not quite young either. (Hmm, I picture Britney Spears in twenty years singing, "Not a woman, not yet a corpse")

83.4. Bruce Elgort
(12/11/2003 01:47 PM)

Happy Birthday Ben! 22? :-0

83.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/11/2003 02:22 PM)

22 is surprisingly close. Of course, I'll celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary next June, but I was a very precocious two years old!

83.6. Julian Robichaux
(12/11/2003 08:12 PM)

If you still know who Britney Spears is (and even how to spell her first name properly), then you can't be too old. Happy birthday.

83.7. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/11/2003 11:05 PM)

Thanks all! My daughter gave me the box set of No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion, and I am happily listening to the Ramones and The Modern Lovers and Gang of Four. Just goes to show that some days end better than they start.

83.8. Colin Pretorius
(12/14/2003 05:14 PM)

I was sure someone would have beaten me to the proper response to your title: Happy Birthday To You! :-)

83.9. Rock
(12/27/2003 07:13 PM)

Well, color me late to the party! I haven't been reading blogs lately, so I missed this altogether. Happy belated birthday, Ben!