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FYI: Links to the popular Domino Limits pages

Thu 27 Mar 2008, 08:58 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
One of the most popular pages on this website has nothing to do with rich text, nothing to do with Notes/Exchange coexistence, and nothing to do with Genii Software itself.  This is the Domino Limits page, which lists many different limits, either documented or experimentally found, in Lotus Notes and Domino.  This is a living document, created from a post by Mike Woolsey of Solutions by Design in the Lotus Business Partner forum many years ago.  The living part means that people write in and let me know about new limits or modified information, and I try to keep the whole thing up to date.  Since this was first added to our site back in 2004, it has received thousands of hits every month.  I have pledged to keep the list as current as possible, and it also has the limits to the current supported versions of Lotus Notes/Domino (currently ND6.5/7/8), so you can add it as a resource link to your own website or list of useful links.  The full URL is and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.  Of course, times change and new Nores/Domino versions are released and old ones retired, so there are also two additional pages Domino Limits for R4 and Domino Limits for R5 and ND6.  When ND6.5 is eventually retired, it will likely be moved to the page with R5 and ND6, but I'll make that determination when the time comes.

It may seem that there are not frequent changes, and that is correct, as the limits don't change often, but we are always willing to update information as we find out that some is incorrect or not properly described.  If you have some new entries for us, or some revised information which might help your fellow Notes/Domino developers and administrators, please reply to the Domino Limits blog entry, or write to me at  and I'll be happy to verify what I can and add to or modify the list as appropriate.  Where possible, I indicate the source for the information, so let me know if there is a Help document or other source or if the information was derived by manual efforts.

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