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Would you like iFidelity for free (and to help nail the coffin on Outlook)?

Wed 24 Jun 2009, 12:39 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
In the not too distant future (say, after I finish my sandwich and verify the wording), Genii Software will be releasing a pair of products about which you might have heard a bit (iFidelity for Lotus Notes and iFidelity Gateway).  Coincidentally, as mentioned by Almar in his post So for years we have been complaining about HTML mail in Lotus Notes and by Volker in his post Outlook's broken, Microsoft has decided to continue the horrible decision they made when releasing Outlook 2007, and use the MS Word rendering engine for Outlook 2010 rather than the more standard's compliant Internet Explorer 8.

I think we should kick them while they're down!

In a perfect world, I'd give everybody iFidelity and improve HTML rendering immeasurably and watch Outlook flounder and die.  Unfortunately, I have a mortgage and kids to put through college, but I can go at least part way.  I've decided that the time is right to show Microsoft how it's done, so I will give any IBM business partner who wants it a free mail server license for iFidelity.  This will help ensure that your outbound email looks great, your inbound email looks great, and even your iNotes email looks great.  Once you start using iFidelity, I am confident you will have an easy time convincing your customers to use it as well.  Once you and your customers are using it, it will be time to show those foolish companies who use Outlook 2007/2010 what true email fidelity and functionality could be, and they can become your new customers.

So, help me raise the bar.  If you are a Lotus Business Partner, fill out an iFidelity Business Partner Order form (fixed link), and I'll send you your license.  My only request is, if you find anything wrong, let me know so I can make it better.  I am MUCH more responsive than IBM or Microsoft, I assure you.

Oh, and feel free to let others know what you think.  Whether you like it or hate it, blog about your experience, twitter it or put it on your Facebook Wall, LinkedIn or whatever you feel like.  If it has problems, make me feel the heat.  If it makes your life better, make me happy.  Together, we can bring Microsoft and Outlook 2007/2010 to their knees.

Copyright 2009 Genii Software Ltd.

What has been said:

821.1. Keith Brooks
(06/24/2009 08:13 PM)


Your BP form has a bug in it and a spelling mistake.

HOW is spelled wrong under payment details.

But the error I get is this when I submit the order:

The number of servers must be specified to ensure proper licensing and pricing. Press the Back button on your browser to continue filling out the form, or press here to start over ordering.

I do not see any field which asks for the number of servers.

821.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(06/24/2009 08:18 PM)

I'll never learn. Don't make last minute changes, even sensible ones. I realized we didn't need to ask the number of servers, so I removed the question, which meant the validation failed. Please try again, as it is fixed now (I just tested it at least)

821.3. Keith Brooks
(06/24/2009 08:51 PM)

Yes, that went through this time.

We try and we try and yet we never listen to ourselves own warnings about editing production data.


821.4. David Bailey
(06/24/2009 11:02 PM)

I think your free version should include a 'Rendered by iFidelity' footer in outgoing messages (in lieu of the annual maintenance fee, of course).

821.5. Hynek Kobelka
(25.06.2009 12:34)

Hi, thanks for this interesting offer.

Hope its going to be a success.

PS: The turquoise color scheme in your order form reminds me of the typical design used in Notes 3.0 :-)))

821.6. Ulrich Krause
(26.06.2009 11:59)

@Ben: I am a "business partner" at the lowest level possible. ( access to BP Partner Forum ). Does this entitles me for a free license too ??