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Trying out SharePoint - Day 1

Wed 13 Nov 2013, 03:33 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I've decided it is time to learn something about SharePoint. Whether that means, "Know they enemy" or "Abandon Help, all ye who enter here" or "Follow my bliss" will remain to be seen. At the moment, I just want to figure out what it is. I should note, I know a fair amount about SharePoint from a distance, just not as a hands-on user.

Looking at the system requirements, I do not want to set up my own SharePoint server just yet. Looking about, I can see lots of talk about SharePoint Online. My wife says my head is in the clouds anyway, so I'll try that.

I could sign up for SharePoint Online for $60 a year. I can handle that price. But I want to be able to develop with it, so instead, I signed up for an Office 265 developer site which includes SharePoint. Free for the first 30 days, so I can see whether I want to go down that route.

If you don't hear from me, tell my next of kin that the Borg has assimilated me.

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What has been said:

1069.1. Doug Finner
(11/13/2013 05:51 PM)

I'll be quite interested in your take on the environment. Please keep us posted.

1069.2. Stephanie Cole
(11/14/2013 08:57 AM)

Ben - check out It's free for members of SPCOM (, which is also, conveniently, free! (Full disclosure, I'm a site rep for SPCOM, so come say hi if you check it out.) I'm a long-time Notes dev-turned-reluctant-SP-developer myself. Enjoy!