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Mon 1 Mar 2004, 11:50 PM
Travelling to conferences in different parts of the world is always interesting, as you never know what your audience will be like, or what they will expect from you.   I'm at the Admin&Developer 2004 conference in Munich, having finished one presentation and getting ready for another this morning.  While much smaller than the Lotusphere "big show", these regional conferences, especially the German ones, have a different sort of intensity.  People are here to learn, and you feel compelled to deliver.  Hence, I stayed up way too late adjusting my morning presentation to the different demands of the audience, plus adjusting some of the content to German content.  (I don't read German particularly well, but even I can have my election returns example use election returns from Bavaria's last election rather than from the US Presidential primaries)  In addition, while people speak English well, I have adjusted the content slightly to ensure that the business goals are very clear even if the language presents a small barrier.  Business value is what they want, and business value is what they should get.

Fortunately, I've also had a bit of time to sight see, and have travelled with my daughter and Rocky Oliver and his daughter and other Penumbra speakers to the Neuschwanstein castle in the Alps (you have probably seen it without knowing it, since it is the model for many puzzles and models, and truly looks like a fairy tale castle) and the Residence of the Bavarian kings in Munich, both of which were wonderful in different ways.  I hope to do more sight seeing once the conference is over, but I am also eager to get back to the office and work on some of the ideas I've been exposed to here, including some ways of using Midas technology with Websphere Portal, and getting the new COEX! Links version working with iNotes and Workplace.  More on those when they are closer to reality.  Meanwhile, back to my room to get ready for Rich Text Tips, Tricks and Techniques, with ssome awesome new demos.  This session is so much fun, and uses everything from regular rich text without programming (you can make it do extraordinay things) to Notes 6 MIME and rich text classes to @Midas Formulas doing @DbLookup on a rich text table.   I can't wait.

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