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Mon 13 Jun 2005, 10:15 PM
You know what feels good?  I happened across a note in our support forum written by Baskar Vedachalam of IBM on May 25, 1999:
We enhanced the code in the sample databases 
( for validating & fixing links, using RT Lsx)...
and what fine results it has produced!!!

No: of databases: 30
No: of documents per DB : average of 800
No. of docs with links : 100 ( self & external )
No. of broken links : average of 30
Time to customise the sample code : 1 week
Time to generate the reports and fix links : 1 and a half days!!!
Time saved: 2 months!

Thanks GeniiSoft!
So, nice as this is, why did it brighten my day up today given that it was written six years ago?  Because Mr. Vedachalam just recently bought some server licenses for the Midas Rich Text LSX  for his new company, the New Zealand Police Department.  He came back because all these years later, he remembered how well Midas worked.  From his evaluation license:
I've used Midas RT LSX before and am quite impressed with its capabilities.
Current requirement is to 1) detach attachments (by a pre-mail agent) to a
separate document, 2) create hotspot links in the parent document and 3)
upon clicking those links, open the stored attachments.
Sure enough, Midas lived up to his expectations and was able to do what he wanted... and more.

It just feels good to still be here, still be meeting people's needs, still be exceeding expectations.  I hope that six years from now, or maybe even sooner, we'll be able to help Mr. Vedachalam again.

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