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Fri 15 Dec 2006, 11:33 AM
Over on the Notes.Net forums (or whatever they are called now), Anita Myers posted a question that has certainly been asked before, but is relevant every year:
I am going to Lotusphere in January for this first time.  I was looking for any advice, hints, tips, etc. that seasoned veterans can offer.  My main concern is how the sessions work.  I've looked at the agenda and I'm a little overwhelmed.

Thank you for any insight.
In previous years, I would have sent her over to the Gonzo Lotusphere site, but, frankly, Turtle has gotten a little tired of all of this Lotusphere, and he has carried the ball for a long time.  I thought maybe I could pick up the slack a bit and add a Tips for Lotusphere Newcomers page in the sessions database, but rather than write just what I think, I thought I'd open it up a bit.  What suggestions do you have?  Comfortable shoes is almost always #1, but what else do you suggest, particularly (given the focus of the sessions db) what advice to help somebody pick amongst the astounding and almost scary selection of sessions, labs and opportunities?

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Fri 15 Dec 2006, 08:10 AM
Just an update on the downloads of the Lotusphere 2007 Sessions db, which might indicate something about interest in Lotusphere this year.  This does not count people who have pulled from the anonymous replica (only about 65 so far) or downloaded the Turtle's Blackberry version.

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