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Tue 16 Nov 2010, 05:44 PM
It is time once again for me to chide IBM gently about its vision, particularly when it comes to the fancy new web editor used with xPages.  CKEditor is a great editor, with lots of good features, but you don't put lipstick on a pig and expect it to be a lady.

Imagine a new customer, or potential customer, who wants to see that fancy 8.5.2 discussion template that IBM touts.  I will play the role of that newbie. My reaction may be slightly exaggerated, but is this a really surprising scenario?

Me: Let's see, I think I'll create a brand-spanking-new discussion database with 8.5.2.  Here it is in the Notes client without any documents at all.

New but empty discussion database

Me: Let's add a document in Notes.  Hmm, what should I say? How about 'Hello, World!', that's original.  I'll put it in 24 pt Comic Sans MS.  So attractive!
Hello World created from Notes

Me: That was fun, but let's see that spiffy new xPages version on the web.  I'll just create the same document from there.  Nice interface!
Hello World created from web

Me: OK, let's see how that looks back in Notes. Ooh, I am sooo excited.
Notes with both documents showing

Me: Wait a minute! Where's my nifty font? Why does it look so small?
Web document with wrong font and size

Me: I'll check the attributes. Why is it 18pt Default Serif. I've been robbed! I want my Sharepoint!
Attributes shown in Notes as 18pt Default Serif

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