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Thu 9 Dec 2010, 05:37 PM
Not my books, mind you, but one of the books listed in the LS Virtual Bookstore, picked at random every time you reload the page.  Just my small gift to the authors who work to get high quality information about Lotus products out to the masses.  Look now, below the calendar.  Perhaps that is a book your company needs.

Be smart.  Support the authors who support your favorite products.

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Thu 9 Dec 2010, 05:22 PM
Let's say that you are in one of those third world countries that are the focus of many of the WikiLeaks cables.  Let's say that you have an enemy that you can't touch, or at least not without risking your life and reputation.  Along comes WikiLeaks.  Grab the latest torrent and insert a couple of plausible cables over a long period.  Ones that are believable, but implicate your enemy in a specific, regional atrocity in a roundabout way.  Now, build your own package with these few doctored cables and everything else the same.  Maybe delete an equal number in case anybody is keeping track, or even doctor existing ones.

Now, put it back out on torrent, perhaps through a few dozen clients.  Let it spread.  Every few days, grab the latest package and carefully doctor the same older cables the same way.  The false cables will spread along with the real ones.  Eventually, somebody will come across this "proof" and leak it to the rebels, who will take vengeance on the person you have chosen.  Can't be traced back to you.  The cables are very hard to deny when the governments involved don't want to verify any of them.  Perfect crime.

So, for those excited about the troves of unverified information in the WikiLeaks files, ask yourself:  What if this has already been done, either by the largely anonymous WikiLeaks advisory board who may have their own goals, or by one of the many torrent users.  Is there any proof that the cable you just read is one of the real ones, that the package you got from one of the zillions of torrent clients is the original?

Ah, the joy of misinformation spread along with real information.  I wouldn't be surprised if the US government itself was doing the same thing right now.  That would show the anarchists defending the right to distribute the information at all costs.

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Thu 9 Dec 2010, 09:44 AM
If you have downloaded and replicated the Lotusphere 2011 Sessions database recently, you will notice that more books are being added to the Virtual Showcase/Books and Courses view.  In addition, you will see that those books are displayed in some places where before there were only sessions.  For example, it happens that Marie Scott and Tom Duff are co-authers of a book, but also have a session together.  In the book form, you will see the book sessions each 

Co-authored Book

Similarly, if I look at that joint session, I see:

Co-presented session

My hope is to find a way to transcend Lotusphere and keep a Virtual Bookstore going the rest of the year.  In full disclaimer, the Amazon links I use to the books use my affiliate code, so I do get a small (very small) fee when you buy through those links, but that is not my reason for doing it.  That is simply a small recompense which allows me to feed my endless addiction to books, simply I resolutely refuse to charge for advertising or put in a Donate button.

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