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Thu 16 Dec 2010, 10:00 AM
It being the last day for free shipping from Amazon before Christmas, and thus a good day to do a bit of cyber-shopping, I thought I'd use a Carousel widget to show a few things I might or might not have just bought (depending on whether you are one of my family peeking, in which case pretend you never saw this).  While this might spark a few ideas, it also sparks a bit of a challenge I have set for myself for the Lotusphere Sessions db.

I want to make a Carousel in rich text that works like this, but without XPages and without the web browser.  I want it to work in any version of Notes from 6.5 or so, up to 8.5.2, so obviously it has to work in both Notes Standard and Notes Basic, but without embedding flash objects or requiring Midas to run or anything else that would send Warning Warning Danger Danger, Will Robinson  vibes out.  Last night, I woke up with a possible idea of how to do this, and I'd like to see if I can make it work and put it into the sessions database, perhaps just for the books, but perhaps in the sessions for a different purpose.

Look at the Carousel below, and let me know if you think it is possible.

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