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Tue 8 Feb 2011, 10:26 AM
The Lotusphere Sessions db is taking on its traditional role of storing links to blogs, slideshare, websites and anywhere else that people have chosen to share their presentations and other resources with the wide world. Just replicate and go to the Resource Links view.

Inside each presentation, you will find links. While there, look at the Additional Resources below for books, courses, webcasts and other items that might be relevant to you. Click on any one for more information.

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Tue 8 Feb 2011, 10:04 AM
Over the next few days, as I prepare for the EntwicklerCamp conference in Germany, I plan to describe an interesting fusion of technologies. The technologies involved are XPages, web editors and the Midas Rich Text LSX.  I won't tell you what the project is, although I am happy to entertain guesses, but I will describe the Midas methods involved and how they might work together to help in this fusion. Those at EntwicklerCamp will have an opportunity to see the project working, but soon after that, I should have a demo for others.

The first method is simple.  We need to connect to an XPage design element, or possibly clone one, so we will use the GeniiRTItem.ConnectXPage method.

ConnectXPage method  

Version added: 4.30

Connects the GeniiRTItem to the rich text $FileData field on the specified XPage (or the cloned copy).  The XPage must exist, or the XPage to clone must exist, or this method will fail.  

Note that if you attempt to modify the XPage and you do not have sufficent access, the Save will fail.  You may also use this method with the optional cloneName parameter to create a copy of an XPage that you can then modify.

Defined in
GeniiRTItem class
Call geniiRTItem.ConnectXPage(server$, filepath$,xpage_name$cloneName$ )
String.  The server for the rich text field.  This should be a blank string, "", for a local database.  If a NotesDatabase object is instantiated, this is the Server property.
String.  The pathname of the database, relative to the Notes data directory.  If a NotesDatabase object is instantiated, this is the FilePath property.
String.  The name of the xpage for which the $FileData field should be connected.  If the form does not exist in the specified database, this method will fail.
String.  Optional.  If specified, the xpage will be cloned, and the new copy will be given this cloneName. The connection will then be to the $FileData of this unsaved copy of the original xpage, and the title will be changed.

Dim s As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase

Dim rtxpage As New GeniiRTItem

Set db = s.CurrentDatabase

Call rtpage.ConnectXPage(db.Server, db.FilePath, "MyXPage")

' *** Manipulate XPage as needed


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