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Wed 20 Apr 2011, 11:30 AM
There are ten days left in April, so I thought I'd make a special offer to celebrate the coming of Spring (I hope), Earth Day, AntiPasto Day (well, Oct 25 is World Pasta Day, so six months later must be...)

Anyway, here's the offer. Buy any of our server licenses (CoexLinks, CoexEdit, Midas Rich Text LSX, Midas C++ API), and get a second of equal or lower value for free.  For example:

  • Buy CoexLinks to support your mail coexistence, and get a second CoexLinks server license free or a CoexEdit server license to support other app coexistence needs.
  • Buy CoexEdit for two servers for the price of one, or get a Midas LSX server license to handle other more specific needs.
  • Buy three Midas Rich Text LSX server licenses and get three Midas C++ API server licenses free at the same time.

Both paid and free license come with a year of support, maintenance and upgrades.  After that, you can choose to get maintenance for one or both based on the original cost (20% of the list price when the license was purchased).  The only restrictions are that you have to mention this offer and pay by credit card, wire transfer or check by the end of April.  Multiple server licenses are allowed, with one free for each one purchased and paid for. Client licenses are not included in this deal.

Now is your chance to get off the fence and buy those licenses you need. But you only have ten days. Hurry and place your order.

Quick recap on what the products do, for those who are not familiar

CoexLinks - Email coexistence for mail routed between IBM Lotus Notes/Domino apps/users and other email platforms. Gives you greater control over doclinks and other fidelity issues.

CoexEdit - Notes/Web editing coexistence allowing you to edit from Notes client and web client, inside or outside of XPages, with excellent fidelity. Social business connections coming soon, and would be available for free as part of upgrade plan/

Midas Rich Text LSX - Multi-purpose rich text LotusScript extension allowing you to do almost anything you want with Notes rich text, and also export to and import from HTML, XHTML, MIME and more with high levels of fidelity and control.

Midas Rich Text C++ API - Same engine as Midas Rich Text LSX, except exposed to C++, C# or any other compiled language that accepts C++ shared libraries.

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