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Thu 19 Jun 2014, 09:15 AM
No, no hobbits or elves or elaborate war scenes. Also, no CGI. But I am working on three (possibly four) separate CoexLinks Fidelity videos at one time. Each deals with a separate aspect of why fidelity matters, and each should be short enough (aiming for 3 minutes or shorter) that you can pull your boss aside after a meeting, pull it up on your tablet or phone and say, "Hey, I think you should see this."
I figure by doing them all at once, I can keep down production costs.
Now I just have to decide whether to release them all at once or one at a time. Well, that and finish the darn things. 

For those interested in the production side of such videos, I figure that a compelling three minutes video takes roughly from three hours to three days to produce, depending on how hard the concept is to communicate. I could churn out dozens of them if I didn't work so how to communicate the concept clearly, concisely and compactly. A ten minute video is far easier than a three minute video, but it is like the concept of an elevator pitch or a brief demo at a conference showcase. You don't have ten minutes, because your viewers don't want to sit through ten minutes, and your viewer is not stuck in an elevator with you or waiting to get the tchotchi or t-shirt at the end of the demo. You need to be clear and succinct, and hopefully entertaining as well. After all, they could be watching Funny or Die videos instead.

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