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Tue 23 May 2017, 12:31 PM
"After a migration, it is essential that the original content, context and intent are clear, as there is usually little recourse to checking the original source. In our experience, approximately 5-10% of emails suffer from some form of fidelity issues, while 1-2% suffer serious data loss or corruption due to rendering issues. These numbers may range much higher for organizations who have a long history of integrating Notes mail with their applications." - Mitigating Risk of Data Loss – Migrating Notes Emails

Click on the link to read about ten problem areas, and how we help mitigate your risk.

CoexLinks Migrate - Whether you are converting, archiving or migrating, we ensure the integrity of your company's email. (Application data migrations also available.)

If the data matters, you want it preserved. If the data doesn't matter, why are you migrating it?

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