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Civility in critiquing the ideas of others is no vice. Rudeness in defending your own ideas is no virtue.

Tue 29 May 2018, 04:11 PM

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Some people seem caught up in a debate over whether modernizing Notes/Domino apps or migrating them to another platform is the correct decision. The answer until recently seemed to be migration, not because Notes/Domino couldn't handle the modernized apps, but because IBM seemed hellbent on killing it off. But the renewed focus and investment in Notes/Domino by IBM and by HCL, who have taken over active development of the products, has not really answered the question. It has certainly made application modernization more palatable, and future changes such as Node.JS integration will do even more.

But there were still be reasons for some companies to migrate some applications, and reasons for others (or the same companies) to modernize within the ICS world.

As president of Genii Software, I try to keep my personal opinions out of the equation. We have a number of customers using our products to migrate away, but we have even more customers using our products to stay. We even have customers doing both at the same time, in that they are using our products to coexist between Notes/Domino and another application, which you might call a non-stop bidirectional migration.

Whatever. I believe that IBM/HCL have increasingly articulated a vision for a future for the products, and as an IBM champion, I am happy to explain and promote that vision. But technology itself never seems to be the deciding factor, so I am also happy to help people get email or applications data out of Notes/Domino cleanly, or to get data into Notes/Domino cleanly. We're here for customers, not for religion. Modernize with AppsFidelity or CoexLinks Fidelity. Migrate with Midas, AppsFidelity Migrate or CoexLinks Migrate. Coexist with AppsFidelity. Whatever makes sense for you, we will help it make more sense to you.

And for the future, we'll be around helping customers in all these ways through Notes/Domino 10 and 11 and beyond. We're not going anywhere. whether your company does or not. And even if you leave, there's no saying you won't be back. And we'll be here to help with that as well.

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