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Sat 18 Jul 2020, 04:33 PM
I've made quite a few videos on my Youtube channel. The most popular ones are all related to Gimp, but among the demos of our Genii Software products, one of the enduring favorites is below. It hit 1000 views today, which may not sound like much, but plenty of product demos have fewer than 100 views and still bring in business. It seems funny to me, because it isn't even a great title since many of the people using this sample db are actually moving to SharePoint or Zendesk or Atlassian Confluence or other places, but people seem to understand that taking data out works no matter where you are taking it.
Inline JPEG image
So, apropos of nothing, I thought I'd share this again. I've had two Midas LSX evaluation requests in the past 10 days based on people wanting to use this Export to CSV (and HTML) migration capability, and have at least 5-6 customers already in projects using it right now. No, they aren't all migrating away from Notes. Some are simply doing periodic synchronization or other such extracts. But they all use the code, and pretty much all rave about it. Others use our parallel capabilities to export to XML or JSON. I don't know how many discovered the Midas LSX and Midas Exports through this video, but I know some have. So, play it again, Sam.

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