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Midas Rich Text Ver. 3.40a coordinates products
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
+1 216-991-5220

Cleveland, Ohio, 11/01/2004 -- Genii Software announced today immediate availability for Version 3.40a of the Midas Rich Text LSX, along with the simultaneous release of Version 3.40a of the @Midas Formulas and Midas Rich Text C++ API. This release features enhancements to HTML importing, file attachment handling, and additional cumulative modifications to enhance stability and performance in the existing Midas Rich Text HTML/MIME generation in all three products. Some of the key enhancements:

Control over File Attachments

Allows the attachment of files in rich text with full control over what the text and graphic of the file attachment is. Also, extends the information available about file attachments, including information on file size, creation date and modification date.

Enhanced HTML imports
Extensive work with customers using HTML importing extensively has led to better handling of CSS attributes, better control over the addition of spaces and bettr list handling. The engine has been improved in a number of smaller ways to enhance both the performance and fidelity of the HTML to rich text conversion.

Enhanced HTML generation
Additional work has gone into the HTML export engine, including settings to better support linked HTML exports. The engine has been further reworked to create better HTML with many small modifications and fixes due to suggestions made by and bugs identified by users and extensive testing.

Enhanced MIME generation
In addition to the changes to the HTML generation engine which also improve the MIME generation, there is new support for automatic inclusion of Domino specific images such as doclink symbols. There are also additional options for including graphics from other sources.

Better support for internal ND 6.x and 6.5x constructs
While Notes/Domino 6.x and 6.5x have been supported since Version 3.00, additional work has been done improving layer support and support for other rich text structures and options.

Version 3.40a has been released for the Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP client and the Windows NT/2000/XP server. The AIX server version will be released shortly. More details on features, as well as enhanced samples and demos on our website, will be available on the Genii Software website.