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CoexEdit 2.1 released
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
+1 216-991-5220

Cleveland, OH, 10/22/2008 -- Genii Software is pleased to announce the release of CoexEdit 2.1, the latest version of this award winning enterprise coexistence solution. Version 2.1 incorporates exciting new feature enhancements, including enhanced attachment icon support, support for editor-in-database configurations, support for instant auto-update of embedded elements, support for accessible data tables, support for instant wiki links, support for shared toolbars on multiple rich text fields from the web, enhanced support for anchor links, support for additional web browsers including Safari, Camino and Chrome, enhanced fidelity, bug fixes, internal enhancements, scalability and reliability improvements.

CoexEdit lets people edit rich text from both a Notes client and a web browser without significant loss of formatting. Images, attachments, tables and doclinks can all be added, deleted and modified cleanly from either your web editor or your Notes client. You can even choose your own rich text web editor, using the one which best meets the needs of your organization. Best of all, there are no agents or scripts or coding required for CoexEdit itself, and we can help you figure out how to easily integrate your chosen rich text web editor with Lotus Notes. Integration is available with the popular FCKEditor 2.6.3 open source editor, as well as numerous other open source and commercial editors, such as EditLive! for Java from Ephox.

CoexEdit 2.1 is available now for all Windows server platforms for Notes/Domino 5.x/6.x/6.5x/7.x/8.x and on AIX 4.3.3/5.1/5.2 and higher for Domino 5.x/6.x/6.5x/7.x/8.x. Within thirty days, Genii Software plans to release Linux versions for both client and server. Lotus Notes R5.x/6.x/6.5x/7.x/8.x clients on Windows, Mac and Linux can edit rich text using CoexEdit, and web editing is available from any platform that supports later generation browsers including IE 5.5+,6.x,7.x, Firefox 1.x,2.x,3.x, Mozilla 1.3+, Netscape 7+, Safari 3.0+, Camino 1.0+ and Google Chrome. Local database rich text editing is available for Lotus Notes R5.x/6.x/6.5x/7.x/8.x on Windows platforms.

Please visit our CoexEdit page to find out more about pricing and customer benefits. A fully functional evaluation license is available for free by filling out our on-line evaluation form.

CoexEdit is solely owned and sold by Genii Software Ltd.