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COEX! Links a better idea than I thought

Tue 6 May 2003, 07:01 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
OK, I have to admit I was unsure of the potential for a product such as COEX! Links.  A good friend, Daniel Nashed developed the idea for a specific customer, and came to me to develop the backend.  We decided to try turning the custom solution into a commercial product, and have spent a fair amount of time polishing and tuning and porting to different platforms.  Still, I had fairly low expectations.

Imagine my surprise to find that lots of people are interested in a product that you just drop in place and let it do its job.  I forget to think like a customer and not like a developer.  Anyway, I am determined to look around at the functionality possible with Midas and see what other "drop-in" solutions I can develop.  Let me know if you have suggestions!

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