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I'm in it for the food

Tue 6 May 2003, 09:44 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As jonvon points out, design is all the rage amongst the bloggers (see volker ben colin alex, etc. etc.)

I confess that I am certainly one of those who has hacked together my blog (from Jake Howlett's much better template) and am likely to keep messing with it, and I am sure to make lots of the mistakes mentioned.  Well, guess what?  I don't think it matters much.

Ever eaten in a Chinese restaurant?  The ambiance often leaves a lot to be desired.  The tables are often small and crowded.  The kitchen should never be visited by a health inspector.  So, why do we go instead of going to the restaurant with the lovely decor and lots of space?  Because, we're in it for the food.

That's what I think about the design of blogs.  Unless you are trying to sell yourself as a web designer, which I am not, who cares what it looks like?  If it isn't impossible to read (and the small fonts are killing me on some sites), I care what is said, not what color it is or whether there are lines around the box.  I'm in it for the food.

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What has been said:

2.1. Richard Schwartz
(05/08/2003 07:16 AM)

Hey, Ben! Ever read the instructions on the little paper sleeves that they put the chopsticks in? I sometimes wonder if they actually come up with all the different spelling and grammar errors on purpose. If you're truly in it for the Chinese food, perhaps I should start posting my recipes. BTW: Are my fonts too small?


2.2. Ben Langhinrichs ("MidasGuy")
(05/08/2003 07:29 AM)

Your fonts are fine. Rob Novak's (for example) are way too small. If I change the browser setting to View - Text Size - Medium, I can read his posts, but everything else is annoyingly large. Probably has to do with using/not using CSS.

2.3. Richard Schwartz
(05/08/2003 08:32 AM)

Interesting. To my eyes, Rob's font looks very close to the same size as mine, maybe even exactly the same. But Rob's font is either a lighter color or just "less dense" -- I'm not sure what the correct typographical term is for that -- and is definitely harder for me to read. My font, on the other hand, does not adjust when I change the text size in the browser, and I should probably look into changing the CSS to fix that.