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So, still worried about the barbarians?

Thu 6 Nov 2003, 05:10 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have actually heard a couple of IBMers mention ND 8.0, but I was even more surprised to see this latest article about the Lotus Workplace launch on  The article has this quote from Larry Bowden, IBM vice president of Lotus products:

"The Domino application server will be around for the next decade"

The next decade!  Ironically, this still launched a worried thread in the Notes 6 Gold forum about whether that didn't indicate that after the next decade Domino might be obsolete, but I think most of us can reasonably see that this is a pretty strong statement for IBM.  So, are you still worried about the barbarians at the gate?

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What has been said:

67.1. Thomas Duff
(11/06/2003 05:05 PM)

I think some people will not be happy until we drop the whole workplace/Java/J2EE direction and run everything on Notes... :-)

67.2. Stan Rogers
(11/07/2003 11:13 AM)

We don't have to drop J2EE, just use it to expand Domino from within. Like:

myString := @NewInstance(@JavaClass("java.lang";"String";"Hello, World!"));

The real value comes in when you use @Serialise(@EntityBean). You can even Evaluate() that in LotusScript.

67.3. Vince Schuurman
(11/07/2003 01:06 PM)

That would certainly make MY day :)

67.4. Ben Langhinrichs
(11/07/2003 01:20 PM)

Ironically, Stan, we can do this sort of thing ourselves if we want, although the the syntax might be closer to:

myString := @DbCommand("J2EE":"NoCache"; "Java":"NewInstance"; "java.lang"; "String";"Hello, World!");


67.5. Stan Rogers
(11/07/2003 02:01 PM)

You know, there might be use for that sort of thing, quite apart from my facetious posting (which was meant to be something of an echo of the Garnet affair). Now I'm going to spend my weekend wondering about @Formula2J connectivity instead of watching the game. Thanks a lot, Ben!

67.6. Ben Langhinrichs
(11/07/2003 02:22 PM)

Actually, I was thinking of creating something like our @Midas Formulas, but if you want to do it, go wild.

What game?

67.7. Stan Rogers
(11/07/2003 02:38 PM)

I guess I should have made that "Thanks a lot" with some sort of frowny-face emoticon. The game is the CFL division final (Toronto Argonauts versus Montreal Alouettes); not something meaniful south of the border. I try to get worked up about it -- the CFL game is great, but the player salaries are low enough that we don't get the cream of the crop athletically, and there isn't the enthusiasm there once was for the sport up here.

I'm afraid I'm not quite competent enough to develop anything like the @Midas set (no-one should ever allow me to allocate memory by myself -- ever), so I'll leave that in your capable hands. I'm thinking more about the big picture (something I am good at), and what kinds of things I would do if there were a simple(ish) Formula-to-J2EE connector available.

How much of a geek is one when a merely hypothetical @F2EE causes minor giddiness?

67.8. Ben Langhinrichs
(11/07/2003 02:53 PM)

And I, of course, have no clue whether it is even remotely possible to make an @DbCommand that uses J2EE, but I have tried never to let mere impossibility stand in my way. I have recently started a project (which I call "Midas Reloaded") which involves Midas like stuff for the new rich client, so I am deeply engrossed in such issues, but I think a simple(ish) Formula-to-J2EE connector might be fun to work on. I'll let you know what I find out.

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