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What is your favorite web based rich text editor?

Tue 2 Dec 2003, 09:25 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am working on a project to test and improve coexistence between the Notes client and the leading web based rich text editors, whether they are DHTML based, Java based or whatever.  I have a list of some, and wondered if any of you know of others.  Also, if you have strong feelings about any of these, pro or con, let me know that as well.  Some of the editors I know about are listed below, along with others I found on a quick scan of the web.

Know any others?  Have any strong opinions about the usefulness of any of these, about the level of support, about integration with Notes/Domino?  Which have you used, and which do you think are most popular.  Let me know what you think.  I'll try to take the final results, along with my project findings, and publish some useful results at the end as a resource for others.

Known, or recommended
Java applet that comes with NotesYuck, but I have to work with it anyway, I guess.
MS DHTML controlFreebie available from Microsoft is basis for some of the other editors, such as eWebEditpro and EditLive! for Windows (I think)
eWebeditProIntegration with Domino done by Ken Yee
EditLive! Both an EditLive! for Windows and EditLive! for Java
RealObjects edit-on Pro
htmlAreaRecommended by Ruediger Seiffert in Gold 6 forumDHTML based editor, and free
Know nothing about - found via search
WebEdit ProfessionalMore of a website management tool, but looks like it could be used to edit content.
WebEditCan't tell whether they are resellers or this is theirs.
Web-EditNot sure whether it is really a rich content editor, or a website editor
Web Wiz Rich Text EditorSays it is "free"

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What has been said:

75.1. Nathan T. Freeman
(12/02/2003 08:42 AM)

What about the RT editor in iNotes? Not even sure if that's the MS control or what.

75.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/02/2003 11:41 AM)

I'm not sure. I think it is DHTML based. In any case, we don't seem to be able to use it elsewhere, so it may be of limited use for this project.

75.3. alan bell
(12/02/2003 11:46 AM)

and on a similar note to iNotes the thingie in Quickplace. I believe that is also DHTML/ActiveX based.

75.4. Joe Litton
(12/02/2003 12:09 PM)

Personal preferences:

- Skip Java applet; too 'heavy'

- Skip anything that only works with one OS or requires IE (meaning I would skip anthing ActiveX or dependent on IE extensions)

IBM and many of us are playing with versions of Linux, and I prefer to use Firebird rather than IE - as do many. Many companies will be using IE and Windows, but more and more ARE exploring the world of open source, so I think that should play into the equation....INclusive rather than EXclusive.

75.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/02/2003 12:23 PM)

Alan - Same response as to Nathan, I think.

Joe - I couldn't agree more, but I am trying to compare all the choices, and some people seem intent on using Windows and IE, so I need to study those options as well. I have had someone else mention that the final list should list supported browsers, so I'll definitely include that as well.

75.6. Stephen Neal
(12/03/2003 05:30 AM)

Our Company is using 'edit-on pro'.

Works well on every browser I've tried it on, comes with built in spell checker, and can be pre-installed onto a machine.

75.7. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/10/2004 12:09 PM)

I'll add it to the list. I hesitate slightly, because on his page it refers to the Mozilla rich text editor as Midas, which is no longer its name, due to an agreement between Mozilla and Genii Software to stop using the name due to confusion with our Midas Rich Text products, but I'll still add it.

75.8. chris
(12.05.2005 02:43)

what about FCKeditor?