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Lotusphere 2004 sessions db available

Tue 6 Jan 2004, 01:32 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
For the fourth straight year, I have created a Lotusphere sessions db in Journal format that is suitable for synching with your PDA, or for just general browsing.  The database is available at LS2004_SessionsDB (which some intrepid souls have already tried to access, since the name is similar to that used last year).  Since Ed has already sent at least one person my way, I suspect that Lotus is not planning on releasing such a database on its own.

This database is free for you to use either as is or with modifications.  If you make interesting changes, or build another tool around it such as a web services or .NET interface or whatever, let me know and I'll provide a link (or just update my db if you like) on the webpage.  Feel free to point anyone to this post or to the page directly.

By the way, in case anyone tells you differently, I am EXCITED about Lotusphere 2004, and not just because of my session.  There are a lot of must-see sessions (partly why I needed this db for planning), and a lot of cool stuff to learn.  I hope to see many of you there.  Drop me a line if you will be at Lotusphere and want to meet up and chat, or even talk about where Lotus, IBM and the rest of the world might be going.

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What has been said:

88.1. Joe Litton
(01/06/2004 07:45 AM)

Downloaded and on my workspace. Totally awesome!

88.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/06/2004 10:31 PM)

Well, 227 downloads in the first 24 hours isn't too bad. Thanks to Ed Brill for mentioning the sessions db on his website. It is good to know this is helping someone.

88.3. Joe
(01/15/2004 08:34 AM)

Thank you. This is fantastic.

88.4. Craig Wiseman
(01/21/2004 01:47 PM)

Very nice! Thanks!!!!!