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So many bloggers, so little time

Wed 21 Jan 2004, 09:19 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As Julian has pointed out, there will be many bloggers at Lotusphere.  In fact, for those of you who are following the US election slogathon, it is going to feel a bit like being a reporter in New Hampshire next week.  So the question is, with all these bloggers, are we going to fall into the same trap the reporters and pundits do, nattering on about each other and who we met by the pool?  There is at least one intrepid soul is trying to take advantage of the scene.  Lance Spellman of Work Flow Studios is offering a free Studio Blog Reader 1.0, which is an RSS aggregator of Lotusphere bloggers.  Not sure what features it has, or whether it will simply accentuate our vapidness.

So, what could any one of us do to offer more?  Rocky and I are trying to work out something with Rich Schwartz to use his aggregator and the frequent technical content put on Rocky's site and my site, and other Penumbra sites to better effect, but we are not quite ready to launch that.  I have thought of starting a One Great Thing I Learned Today series to go through Lotusphere.  I have also thought of bagging it and actually enjoying the show.

So what do you (the readers) think?  What would you like to see out of Lotusphere blogging?  Sharing the experience (e.g., "yup, I met Volker by the pool, and here is a picture")?  Sharing the knowledge (e.g., "I attended a session on Lotus Workplace, and the presenter explained the whole concept in this new and exciting way")?  Sharing the aches and pains (e.g., "Ow!  My feet hurt!")?  Sharing clever tips and tricks picked up from the labs (e.g., "An IBM developer told me that the date on Websphere's xxywbts.dll determines the performance, so if you change it to Jan. 25, 2010, Websphere practically screams.")?  All of it?  None of it?  You'll be too busy in Orlando to read my blog anyway?  You'll be too busy in New Hampshire writing about Kerry's wife's doctor's dog?

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What has been said:

97.1. Colin Pretorius
(01/21/2004 09:30 AM)

For those of us who aren't there, I reckon anything and everything would appeal, from the technical to the 'atmosphere' stuff. Just don't rub in the fun too much ;)

Blogging's odd that way. A year ago LotusSphere was just another big shindig overseas that I wouldn't be going to and wouldn't care about, save for what the press might say after the fact. This time around, it's seriously disappointing - perhaps I have a better sense of what I'm going to be missing!

97.2. Gerco Wolfswinkel
(01/23/2004 01:32 AM)

I'd be mostly interested in the knowledge and the tips/tricks stuff. But, like Colin said, it's also nice to get a feel for the atmopshere!