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If you are coming to my session, come early

Fri 23 Jan 2004, 10:56 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Here I was under the impression that if I gave a session on something other than rich text, which everybody thinks of as "my thing", I could at least be assured of a small, quiet crowd who mostly wandered in thinking they could catch an afternoon nap.  After all, while I have done a lot of thinking and talking about "Notes/Web Coexistence", I kind of made up the term myself, so it should scarcely be a big draw.  At least, that is what I have told myself.

Shows what I know.  Maybe they are all just being nice, and are really planning on going to the Customizing IBM Team Workplace or one of the Websphere Portal talks, but I have received more e-mails and read more postings from people who want to go to my BP102 Advanced Lotus Notes/Web Coexistence talk than I received either of the past two years when I was doing the rich text schtick.  So, just in case people really mean it and are not just being nice, show up early if you want a seat.  Of course, if all the other seats ARE empty, you are welcome to sit up front.

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