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Why is pricing for Collaboration Express not mentioned more?

Mon 2 Feb 2004, 01:56 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
At $119/user with no cost for Domino servers user, or an astounding $89/user when upgrading from another e-mail system, this seems like a steal.  A company with ten users upgrading from anything else can get a full set of Notes licenses and use one or more Domino servers, all for under $1000 US.  I was very surprised this was not emphasized at Lotusphere 2004, and the people I hear about who have taken advantage of it mostly seem to have found out by accident

Anyway, I just had to mention it.  If you already know, spread the word.  If you didn't already know, check back here and I'll post a link when I can dig it up.  This could be the start of a real growth opportunity in the SMB market, which coincides with the opportunity to win some from Microsoft due to the imminent end of life for Exchange 5.5.

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What has been said:

105.1. Colin Pretorius
(02/03/2004 03:26 AM)

Thanks for mentioning that, Ben. We've been planning an upgrade while dubiously wondering about pricing and this is seriously good news for us. I'll also feed back any more info I get.

105.2. Alan Lepofsky
(02/06/2004 07:30 AM)

Ben, thank you for helping spread the word. I am certainly a bit shocked that people are saying that don't know about Express. Start by viewing the web site. It has some really good information, including a 30 minute webcast (15 on ND in general, 15 specific to Express)

Here is the press release about Express: IBM Introduces New Messaging and Collaboration Software Designed For Medium-Sized Businesses

Here are some press stories from when it came out:

IBM Gets Serious About Express (Jan 20, 2004)

IBM Lotus Express helps smaller businesses look big (18 November 2003)

IBM Domino Express Takes On Exchange Server 2003

by Dan Burger Sept 2, 2003

Lotus Shapes Domino for Midmarket

By Dennis Callaghan August 18, 2003,4149,1225505,00.asp

IBM Lotus targets SMBs with 'express' tools

By Kate Evans-Correia, Senior News Editor 14 Aug 2003,289142,sid4_gci919257,00.html

IBM Lotus Launch First Domino Express Servers For Midmarket

By Paula Rooney, CRN Aug. 13, 2003

Lotus unfolds for smaller customers

By David Becker, Staff Writer, CNET August 13, 2003

Lotus Hops on IBM's Express; Company Issues Scaled-Down Domino Versions

By Stacy Cowley, August 13, 2003

IBM Delivers Messaging for Medium-Sized Businesses

By Staff August 13, 2003

Lotus Goes Small With Domino Express

By Gregg Keizer, TechWeb News August 13, 2003

All Aboard the Domino Express Platform

August 13, 2003

and here are some great customer and partner success stories:

IBM Gets Serious About Express (Jan 20, 2004)

IBM Lotus Express helps smaller businesses look big (18 November 2003)

I hope this all helps... spread the word!

105.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/06/2004 08:54 AM)

Alan - Thanks for the info! I'll keep spreading the word as best I can.