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Odd thing about this blog template

Mon 2 Feb 2004, 09:43 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
It is an odd thing about this blog template that if you have no entries for a month, it shows up as No Documents Found.  I'll have to work on that. 

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What has been said:

106.1. Nathan T. Freeman
(02/02/2004 07:42 AM)

I know this great blog template for Domino that's absolutely free! ;)

106.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/02/2004 07:46 AM)

Yup, but it doesn't integrate into my website the way I want, and it doesn (yet) work with Midas. Thanks anyway!

By the way, I am a big supporter of Blogsphere despite not using it.

106.3. Stan Rogers
(02/02/2004 12:31 PM)

The only real difference there is that Blogsphere uses "lines to display" instead of "restrict to category" in the front-page view. If you do go to "lines to display", then you run into problems with the comments count, which necessitates removing the responses from the view and setting the count via lookup or agent. My template works on the same basic principal as yours -- throw in a lookup to the current date category (can be cached, of course, in a profile field). If a lookup to this month fails, @Adjust the base date of your single category back a month.

The alternative is to look browser-side for an unclassed <h2>, hide it, and write to the blog block with something a bit more friendly. It still doesn't add blog info, but it does look better than "No Documents Found" and can offer constructive links to other areas of the site. Whether this or slipping back a month is a better idea depends entirely on the aim and content of the site. I use the former for blogs, and the latter for tables of events and so forth.

106.4. Jake
(02/02/2004 01:58 PM)

I "fixed" this in a later version of DomBlog. Download the most current to see how. Like Stan says it's the "lines to display" property of the new view added.

Saw you walking round the showcase last week but we were both too busy by the looks of it. Would have been nice to rack your brains on rich-text...


106.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/02/2004 02:26 PM)

Stan - I see what you mean. I changed things around before to make the previous months display properly, but I think I can change this again if no previous month was specified. I use both the lines to display and restrict on category, but may switch to just the latter for the "now" blog.

Jake - I'll check out the new template, although I've veered rather far from that template in other ways. Sorry, I would have liked to talk to you. I'll get in touch via e-mail about some of the rich text editing stuff.

106.6. Jake
(02/02/2004 04:24 PM)

Ben, I wouldn't recommend a refresh with my new template. Your better off just looking at the $$navigatortemplate form for the homepage and see how that's changed.