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Tip about 64KB Limits in ND6 formula language

Thu 12 Feb 2004, 04:10 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
responded to Rich Schwartz about this, but thought it deserved at least a quick mention here for those who don't know.  A certain amount of noise has been made about the 64KB limit being "fixed" or "eliminated" in formula language for ND6.  The bad news is, it isn't all the way gone.  The good news is, even part way is more useful than it seems.

Bad News First
In one of those odd concessions to the difficulty of changing "everything" and thus making do with changing what you can instead, Damien Katz (formerly of Iris/IBM) fixed the formula language for Notes/Domino 6 so that internal results can be greater than 64KB, but not final results. Thus, either 

@Unique(@DbColumn("", "", "Main View", 2))


@Trim(@Replace(@DbColumn("", "", "Main View", 2); to_eliminate; ""))

could easily have an interim result from the @DbColumn of greater than 64KB which would have blown through the limits in R5, but which will still be acceptable if the end result of the whole formula is less than 64KB. 

Good News
This is a much bigger gain than you might think, because you can always do something like:

total_count := @Elements(@DbColumn("", "", "Main View", 2));

and then use the new looping constructs to take smaller chunks of data at a time using @Subset.  Therefore, even though the bigger promise of not having to worry about the 64KB limits has not been realized, it is still possible to work with much larger result sets with a bit of effort - if you know the trick.

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What has been said:

114.1. Justin Freeman
(02/13/2004 04:43 PM)

Great tip Ben! I had always assumed that the 64kb limit was a "fixed feature" of Notes. Glad to hear that at least there is a workaround.

114.2. Bruce Elgort
(02/14/2004 08:34 PM)


Thanks for this great tip.

114.3. Kumar
(04/29/2005 03:50 AM)

Hi Ben,

I am getting the following errors in R5 application at different scenarios. I would be greatful to you, if you can help me.

(a) Field is too large (32k) or view's column & selection formula is too large

(b) Paragraph or Field cannot be larger than 64k bytes

Thanks & Regards,


114.4. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/10/2006 04:16 AM)

I can only say this is a mystifying turn of events. I have heard no reason for it yet, but it is very unlike IBM unless a huge security hole was opened by it (which is possible).

114.5. Uttam Dutta
(03/25/2008 09:50 AM)


We are getting 32K Error while saving Notes document. Max text size in a single field in not exceeding 32K and also none of these fields are view columns. However, the total size of document is reaching 64K (excluding attachments). We are getting this error while trying to save the document and its not allowing us to save the document.

I have tested by deleting fields from a section on the document, that has multi-value fields, that reduced the size of document way below 64K, and then I was able to continue saving the document.

Do you suggest anything that I can perhaps do?

Thanks in advance.