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Dating advice

Wed 10 Mar 2004, 08:20 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
No, this weblog isn't going to turn into Advice for the Lovelorn, but I do have a bit of dating advice for the clueless, courtesy of my daughter.  She is dating a boy (not "going out", because they are "just friends"), and they went out to a restaurant last night.  They have gone to various restaurants before, and she has been trying to train him to be more "date-ready", meaning not a total clod when it comes to ordering, eating and paying.  She gave him a new wallet so he wouldn't have to pull out his old ratty one he has had since he was eight.  That sort of thing.

But today, she told me she thinks it might be hopeless.  "For dinner", she said, "he ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

Ouch!  Talk about a RLM.  I'm not sure even I have ever been that clueless.

So here's the advice.  If you don't have the cash to buy more than PB&J, invite her to eat at your place.  If you don't have the class to figure out the PB&J is inappropriate for a date, get really comfortable with your computer, because the only dating for you is going to be anonymous on-line chat room dating.  'Nuf said.

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What has been said:

127.1. jonvon
(03/10/2004 07:05 AM)

dude, i think pb&j sandwiches are entirely appropriate for any setting. really, we all ought to relax about this issue. i mean, it is a wonderful thing to eat.

and hey, if i went on a date with someone and ordered a pb&j for dinner and she didn't mind, well, i'd know i had a "keeper".


127.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(03/10/2004 07:10 AM)

You would also know you were not dating my daughter. That would be two things you would know. It is important to keep count.

127.3. Ben Poole
(03/10/2004 08:03 AM)

LOL! I think even my five year old has more of a clue about eating out that peanut butter & jelly man... ;o) Great story.

127.4. Richard Schwartz
(03/10/2004 09:57 AM)

I have a rule for my daughter. She may not date any boy who is taller than I am. Oh wait... that one may not be of much help to you! ;-)


127.5. Rob McDonagh
(03/10/2004 10:25 AM)

Um, how *old* is your daughter? Just wondering how long I have before mine is teaching boys how to date <*shudder*>...

127.6. Ben Langhinrichs
(03/10/2004 10:37 AM)

She is seventeen and a half. How is/old are yours?

127.7. jonvon
(03/10/2004 11:28 AM)


upon re-reading this thread (well mainly your response ben) i just would like to say that i simply very much like peanut butter and think it should be a bit more well integrated into our whole national restaurant, um, scene.

they probably can't charge much for it. i'd imagine that is why it doesn't make the menus. i mean, really, why shouldn't we eat peanut butter wherever we want? this is a financial issue, i'd warrant, rather than one of propriety.

also, that i am quite sure your daughter is / will be a "keeper" for someone (who doesn't order pb&j's in public). i certainly didn't mean to imply anything else and apologize if i did.

don't let the man keep you down! order some peanut butter!


127.8. Ben Langhinrichs
(03/10/2004 12:24 PM)

OK, get that man a PB&J.

127.9. Rob McDonagh
(03/10/2004 01:06 PM)

My daughter's not quite 2. I'm hoping I have 8-9 years before I have to worry about boys. Well, really, I wish I had about 30 years, but I'm trying to be realistic about it.

I was joking with someone at The Sphere that, while I generally dislike guns (I'm not a fanatic about it, but my wife *despises* them - comes of being a doctor and treating bullet wounds, I suspect), I'm going to have to buy a shotgun in about a decade. I need something I can sit at the kitchen table and clean when she introduces us to the newest boyfriend. Maybe if I were physically imposing (like you, Ben) I could just *loom* over them, but some of us smaller folk need stage props...

127.10. Nathan T. Freeman
(03/10/2004 03:57 PM)

"You would also know you were not dating my daughter."

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't let any of us date your daughter, Ben. But if I'm mistaken about that, please pass along her number. ;)

127.11. Ben Poole
(03/11/2004 12:24 AM)

Oh Rob, that is funny... ;o) No need to go that far though. Try this:

My boys are three and five. They both do daft things, all the time. Some of these have been captured on video (including hilarious pre-school nudity and streaking).

So, if prospective suitors for your girls have "skeletons" like these home videos in their cupboards, track 'em down and show them when the lad comes round to pick up your daughter.

That'll keep them in line :o)