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It's an emergency!

Mon 19 Apr 2004, 01:49 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have been developing software for a number of years (OK, a rather large number of years), but it is rare in recent years to have a chance to go into "emergency" mode.  Every once in a while, a Midas customer will call, desparate because a server won't start up or an application won't run, but most of the time they have simply forgotten to replace the evaluation license with the production license, or have changed organization names and the license won't work.  More rarely, a bug is discovered and I work feverishly to get them back into production.  Mind you, it is not that rare to have a bug.  It is just rarely a mission critical - it has to work right now or else - situation.
So, it was with rather a mixture of pleasure and trepidation that I got a call from a new CoexLinks evaluator saying "It's an emergency!"  After all, we just released a new version, which is always a bit nerve racking.
I don't know the whole story yet, but it seems they moved (due to a merger) a number of users to Exchange/Outlook, and all their workflow applications ground to a halt.  It can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly when nothing can get approved, so this gentleman called me at 6:30am (a more civilized 1:30pm where he was) and asked for help - in a hurry.  Turned out to be a couple of minor things, most having to do with users using MIME to send e-mails instead of rich text, and everything worked out within a couple of hours, but the adrenaline rush was fun.  Shame I couldn't be there to actually work on it in person, but it is nice to know that CoexLinks was there and ready to do the trick when somebody really needed it.
I know, it isn't like being a doctor, but it still feels good.

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What has been said:

146.1. Christopher Byrne
(04/19/2004 02:09 PM)

and to think you once told me that you prefer what you do much better than being a consultant:-)...I always like the adrenaline rush, albeit not so much at 6:30 AM!

146.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(04/19/2004 10:39 PM)

Oh, I still prefer this. Adrenaline is good once in a while, but being your own boss and making your own schedule (and profits) is usually better.

146.3. Ben Poole
(04/22/2004 05:29 AM)

[i]but being your own boss and making your own schedule (and profits) is usually better.[/i]

I bet. Cool story Ben! Now, if I could only have an idea... ;o)