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Scatter graphs using Layers

Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:28 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am working on an advanced version of our Report It! sample db, and am trying out a technique I tried shortly after Notes 6 came out but haven't touched in a while.  I basically use a bunch of layers to make graphical charts that work for both the web and Notes.  Here are three graphs in a row.  The first is an image showing the graph as it appears in Notes.  The second is an image showing the graph as it appears in IE 5.5 on my machine.  The third is the HTML generated by 6.0.2CF1, which you will see as whatever your web browser renders.  Can anybody tell me how it looks for them?  I will try other browsers and such eventually, but I'd love to hear any quick feedback.  (Even, "you can do that in Notes?").

Scatter graph in Notes (captured as image)

Scatter graph in IE 5.5 (captured as image)

Scatter graph in your browser


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What has been said:

206.1. Colman Carpenter
(31/08/2004 09:16)

All look pretty much the same to me, in both IE6 and Firefox. Fonts are rendered better in the last graph and the dots are more obviously red...but then it's not an image file so I'm sure that's as expected.

Nice work !

206.2. Colin Pretorius
(08/31/2004 11:21 AM)

2 & 3 have slightly larger fonts, and the third looks a little redder. Other than they're pretty much identical.

(Firefox 0.7.3, Linux)

206.3. Jörg Asmussen
(01-09-2004 00:42)

Hi Ben,

This is great. I look forward to dig into it :-)

Some comments about different browsers:

Save the images as GIF instead of JPEG, this would eliminate all dithering and we wouldn't compare the images

Opera 7.54 Windows is fine

Opera 7.54 Linux is fine

Konquerour Linux has the following flaws:

The chart is placed over the previous image so that only about 30% of the previouis image is visible. The vertical axis of is partly placed a bit far over the yellow, probably caused by to large fonts.

206.4. Alan Bell
(09/01/2004 09:13 AM)

that is way cool Ben. Obviously this is a demo, but if used for real the points are currently positioned such that the top left corner of the red point is on the coordinates rather than the centre of the point, it is just offset by a pixel against the scale.

206.5. Alan Bell
(09/01/2004 09:15 AM)

not that I care about it, but the point in red about email addresses does not seem to be accurate.

e-mail addresses will not be displayed on this site


206.6. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/01/2004 12:51 PM)

There was an error in the design. E-mails are hidden again.