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Speaking in Chicago at GRANITE User Group

Wed 29 Sep 2004, 09:45 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
John Roling (aka Greyhawk68) invited me to speak at the GRANITE User Group meeting in Chicago next Monday, October 4, and I gladly accepted.  It is a mix of admin and developers, so I will talk briefly about CoexLinks and then more extensively about the Midas Rich Text LSX, with lots of live demos.  A new twist for me is that I can show how the Midas Rich Text C++ API and @Midas Formulas fit into the Midas picture, and show a couple of quick demos of those.  

I intend to keep it fairly informal with lots of room for questions and discussion, and I hope it is both fun and informative.  While I've spoken at a number of conferences big and small, I've never spoken at a User Group meeting before, but I would like to do that more.  (Any of you in user groups out there who would like to have me talk, take note!)

If any customers or potential customers would like to meet with me while I'm in Chicago, get in touch soon, as I am only planning a day trip right now.

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What has been said:

214.1. Bruce Elgort
(09/29/2004 01:53 PM)


Where did the name Midas come from? I remember Mida Muffler's "Midas Touch" but I have always wondered how your products got the name Midas.

Also, good luck with your presentation at GRANITE.

214.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/29/2004 02:14 PM)

The origin of the name Midas:

Back in 1997, when I was ready to beta test this rich text thingy, I needed a name, and having a mythological bent, I tried to think of mythological references to riches. The most obvious was King Midas, who turned everything he touched to Gold. Therefore, I decided to use the code name Midas. The only trouble was, once I was ready to roll out the live product, everybody, including me, was hooked on the name, so instead of coming up with some fancy IBMish "Genii Software LSX for Creating, Manipulating and Generally Munging IBM Lotus Notes Proprietary Rich Text Format Fields", I just stuck with Midas. It seems to work across various cultures, since the name Midas is used in several languages to refer to King Midas. That's the story.

214.3. Duffbert
(09/30/2004 07:33 AM)

If you are ever out in Portland on the third Tuesday of the month, you are always welcome to speak to our user group...

Especially now that I'm in charge of it. :-)

214.4. Bruce Elgort
(09/30/2004 09:21 AM)

And I am co-in charge of it too! :-)

214.5. Duffbert
(09/30/2004 08:04 PM)

And the fact that Bruce and I are co-owners of a user group should strike fear into IBM's collective heart. :-)