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Kerry was extremely good, Bush struggled

Wed 13 Oct 2004, 10:38 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
It was a weird debate in some ways, this last presidential debate.  Senator John Kerry seemed extremely well prepared and had excellent answers and great poise, while President George Bush bounced from good answers to very poor answers.  It was not like the first debate where George Bush was just having a very "off" night, but more like he couldn't seem to get his bearings, and thought every road led to his No Child Left Behind act.

Now, don't get me wrong, education is a wonderful thing, and even if it is underfunded, the No Child Left Behind act has had some very positive outcomes, even in ways that I wouldn't have expected.  Yet in this debate, it seemed to be the only answer Bush had for everything from jobs to health care to civil rights.  He just couldn't seem to shake it.  He didn't even attack John Kerry as relentlessly as usual, but just went on and on about education.  It is not the answer to everything.

So, it seems very clear that Kerry won, which puts him as the strong winner of two debates and a contender for winner of the third.  Pretty good for the challenger.  I think you'll see the polls go way up over the next few weeks.

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What has been said:

223.1. Christopher Byrne
(10/14/2004 08:03 AM)

All I have to say is:


223.2. Christopher Byrne
(10/14/2004 09:45 AM)

Nah, I read them all with equal disdain for both candidates, I just want to keep your blog "fair and balanced".:-)

I watched the debate at a place called Manuel's Tavern last night where the crowd was 99.99% Demovrat, including Amy Carter. Interesting crowd to be sure.

223.3. Stan Rogers
(10/14/2004 11:34 AM)

It would be a refreshing treat to have one or the other admit publicly that taxes in general are going to have to be increased. Even "pay as you go" isn't enough; y'all have a honkin' big debt to consider as well, and until that is down to a line-of-business borrowing level, it really can't be ignored. This from an icy northerner whose government has managed budget surplusses for a while now, and whose fellow countrymen can also be bribed with the promise of cash in their pockets at the expense of the future of the country.