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Pre-Build B of Lotusphere 2005 sessions db is available

Mon 3 Jan 2005, 01:38 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
The latest pre-build version of the Lotusphere 2005 Sessions DB is now available.  This has been a huge leap over the Pre-Build A, but it is not quite to Version 1, which I expect to have out Wednesday.  Speakers are now separated into a People view, repeat sessions appear properly, and there are embedded views to show other sessions in the same track, other sessions at the same time, etc.  There is also information on the pedestal(s) that a person is associated with, so if you see a speaker and want to figure out how to track him or her down later, the pedestal may help.

Trust me, there will be more, but I think you will finally be able to get a feel for what this can be.  Let me know of ideas you have, suggestions, or even complaints.

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