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Have you changed your copyright date yet?

Tue 4 Jan 2005, 11:08 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
It is fun to skip around to people's websites and see if they have adjusted their copyright dates to 2005 yet.  (OK, I have an odd sense of fun, so sue me)  Here are a few, very randomly selected.

Big Computer Companies

Still says 2004
Still says 2004
Still says 2004

Other Big Companies

Still says 2004


Still says 2004
Still says 2004

Smaller Computer Companies

Still says 2004
Still says 2002.  Yup, you read that right, 2002.


Ed has a generalized comment "Entries are copyright (c) Ed Brill, as of date of posting", so he escapes unscathed
Joe also just skipped the date entirely, although he doesn't even mention the date of posting language.
Still says 2004, but his company page for Sapphire Oak Technologies is at 2005.
Still says 2004
I can't find any copyright anywhere, but look at his company page at The Cayuga Group, LLC which is still at 2002.
Still says 2004

Now, wasn't that even more fun than you expected?  Of course, any may have changed by the time you look, but this is what they were as of January 4 at about noon EDT.  Don't forget, you read it first here.

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What has been said:

262.1. Ben Poole
(04/01/2005 09:13)

I did! I did!

Well, I changed it on Jan 2nd... tsk.

262.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/04/2005 09:16 AM)

As you can see, you are in good company when it comes to delaying a bit. Clearly you are doing better than IBM, Microsoft, Google or ebay. How often can someone say that about you?

262.3. Richard Schwartz
(01/04/2005 11:27 AM)

Thanks for the reminder to put the Creative Commons license on my new blog. Had totally forgotten about that :-)


262.4. ed Brill
(01/04/2005 11:51 AM)

this is on my privacy/terms page:

"Entries are copyright (c) Ed Brill, as of date of posting. Contents licensed under a Creative Commons License -- some rights reserved. "

262.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/04/2005 11:54 AM)

@Ed - Sorry, I didn't see that. I'll correct the posting.

262.6. Bob Obringer
(01/04/2005 01:56 PM)

Notes guys...

Why don't y'all just have some computed text on the page with @Year(@Today) ?

Any code that has to be changed because we have hit a specific date... is not my friend.

262.7. Christopher Byrne
(01/04/2005 02:08 PM)

You mean it is not 2002 anymore?:-)..but seriously, once I learned that you do not have to specify a copyright date or even the copyright to have online copyright, I had not thought much about it. The more important date is "last updated"...

hence mine has not been updated as I am redesigning the site as part of the husiness overhaul that started with the blog...

Boy am I rationalizing or what?:-)

262.8. Christopher Byrne
(01/04/2005 06:23 PM)

Ok, I have finally caught up with the present;-)

262.9. Ben Rose
(05/01/2005 06:43)

You mean people might actually want to copy some of my stuff?!?

262.10. Rock
(01/05/2005 07:54 PM)

OK, I am fully compliant now :)

262.11. Christopher Byrne
(01/07/2005 09:13 PM)

Hey Ben,

Fix Me Please!:-)

262.12. Joe Litton
(01/09/2005 07:15 AM)

I'm glad that you listed Fox News under "Media" and not as "News". Now if more would catch on...