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Visiting Amsterdam with my son... Any suggestions?

Mon 14 Feb 2005, 10:04 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
He is only fourteen, so don't even start with the red light district.  I am looking more for family friendly places to visit, especially historical (e.g., Maritime museums), artistic (Dutch masters?) and cultural (windmills?).  Also, does anybody know if you can rent bikes in Amsterdam at this time of year?

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291.1. BÝrge
(16.02.2005 01:36)

Madame Tussauds

291.2. Erwin
(02/16/2005 02:13 AM)

Well, most foreigners think of Windmills as Dutch culture :-) Check out trips to the Kinderdijk. They have windmills. I think in most hotels they offer trips or have connections with companies offering trips there.

Also check out the Van Gogh museum.

It's a must go. Also a nice place to work on the pronounciation. It's not Van Goh as most English speakers say... it's Van Gogggggg with a typical Dutch 'g' :-)

Of course check out Rembrandts' Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum: They're rebuilding the museum but moved the most interesting pieces to a separate wing.

Interesting too:, a Maritime museum, a bit weird site maybe (navigational-wise) but there is info in English too.

About renting a bike: Holland is bike country. If you've never been there, you'd be amazed by the number of bikes. And yes, you can rent them all year through. Make sure you are comfortable riding a bike though, it's a war out there ;-) And also watch out for the tramtracks, it's not the first time a tourist made a wrong crossing, causing the wheels to slip into the tracks.

Don't hesitate to mail me with questions!


291.3. Alan Bell
(02/16/2005 04:12 AM)

don't be scared of the red light district! It is full of interesting bars and cafes(where you can buy coffee as well as other stuff) and a great place to sit out and watch people go by. It might be a bit chilly at this time of year though, and that probably limits the exposed flesh too.

The Anne Frank house is apparently a good place to visit but I never went there myself.

Go on a cheese and wine boat ride in the evening, they are great fun, and a good way to see where all the interesting stuff is (it all radiates out from the central station basically)

Have a great time in what is my favourite European City. (Monte Carlo isn't in Europe but ranks up with Amsterdam)


291.4. Christopher Byrne
(02/16/2005 10:44 AM)

Well isn't it time he became a man?:-) (j/k)

291.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/16/2005 11:10 AM)

BÝrge - Thanks, I'll ask him what he thinks.

Erwin - Thanks. The museums sound great, and we'll see if we can make it out to windmills. I'm not so sure about bikes, but we'll see.

Alan - I'm sure we will go through the red light district (I do have a teenage male with me, after all), but we'll focus on the other attractions. We are definitely thinking about the Anne Frank house. I visited Amsterdam once before, but briefly, and it is a great city.

Christopher - Uh, no. (Yes, I know you are kidding)

291.6. Barry Lewin
(02/16/2005 03:14 PM)

Definitely check out the Anne Frank Musuem...also, as someone else said the Rijksmuseum is world class...

finally, for dinner one night be sure to try a "ristaffel" meal , which is a rice-based meal with 15-20 "addins", each in it's own side bowl. Some spicy, some sweet, all great.


291.7. Nathan
(02/19/2005 02:59 PM)

I am coming to AMS on Tuesday and Wednesday the 22ed and 23rd.... do you think , i will have a problem finding a B&B once i arrive? Also, what is the best and cheapest way to get downtown AMS from the airport?

Any other suggestions while im there? besides to dress warm~

291.8. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/19/2005 04:20 PM)

I have no idea how easy it is to find a B&B, although there seem to be lots of small hotels around. The easiest and cheapest way to get dowwntown is to buy a ticket to Amsterdam Centraal (Central Station) and then go to Platform 1 and take it downtown. Very inexpensive and fast.

There are lots of good things to do, but do dress warmly. The canal rides are fun and well worth the money.