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Stolen laptop in Amsterdam

Thu 24 Feb 2005, 10:59 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Those who have noticed I haven't blogged in a bit may have wondered why.  The sad truth is that my laptop was stolen just as my son and I were leaving Amsterdam, so I haven't had one.  I had to borrow one for the conference, and scamble to make up the demos and samples which had been on the old laptop.  Thanks to Notes encryption and replication and such wonders, there wasn't much worth worrying about in terms of valuable data on the laptop, but it has made it very hard to respond to people, fix problems, or blog.  I am sorry for any inconvenience to any customers or potential customers, or even those who just were bored with my non-changing blog.

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What has been said:

293.1. Almar Diehl
(24-02-2005 13:19)

Oh come on Ben this can't be true! Nothing is ever being stolen in our beautiful city of Amsterdam. You must have misplaced it!

However, should it be true, should someone really have stolen your laptop: I apologize on behalf of all dutch.....

293.2. Wild Bill
(25/02/2005 04:31)

Ouch. I know of lots of folks who've had their laptops stolen there - mostly at Duivendrecht station. I use a non-branded, non-obvious rucksack, and tend to look borderline violent most of the time, which means I've not lost anything in 10 years travelling. (There we go, I've jinxed it..)

So. Stop looking sooo nice to folks. Get a bad haircut and a tattoo... :-)

---* Bill

293.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/25/2005 04:38 AM)

I appreciate the thought, Bill, but it would take a lot more than a bad haircut and a tattoo to look like you. grin.

The funny thing is, that while it was a laptop case, it was a ratty old 10 year old case. Still, I guess it is good to know that I am not alone. Next time, perhaps I'll just carry my laptop in my suitcase and bricks in my laptop case, and see if I can get them to steal the bricks.

293.4. Karen
(24/08/2005 16:02)

Got my rucksack stolen which included my laptop on the train from the airport to Amsterdam Central. It was just happened in 3 seconds and I chased the guy, no one was helping me. My laptop is password protected but thought they can sell the hard disk and parts.

Not only the money and other things I had lost, but the data I lost is most important, the time I have to redone the work, the scene how I chased the guy always in my dream.

To the guy called Almar, I was not the only victim on the same day, when I went to report to the police, there were full of people reporting stolen bags. The police can't do anything even I can make a sketch of that horrible thief. I have travelled to many "dangerous" cities but never lost anything. I hate Amsterdam and will not go there again.