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I ran into a parked car yesterday, but it really wasn't my fault

Sun 17 Apr 2005, 02:14 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
It might have been if I had been in a car myself, but I wasn't.  I was walking along, stooped down to pick up a bit of trash on the sidewalk, stood back up and walked right into the top edge of the hatchback, which was parked in the driveway with the hatchback protruding out over the sidewalk.  Granted, I probably should have seen it, and granted that only someone 6' 6" (2 meters for you metric users) would have hit the car, it still wasn't (entirely) my fault.

Still hurts though.  Lots of blood, a brief trip to the Emergency Room where they super glued the cut together, and I'm as good as new.  Well, except for the headache.

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What has been said:

310.1. Duffbert
(04/17/2005 02:33 PM)

Ouch... I can't relate for head injuries, but I'm sure it hurt. :-)

310.2. Richard Schwartz
(04/17/2005 03:38 PM)

Were you out walking under the influence of milkshakes again, Ben?


310.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(04/17/2005 04:47 PM)

Tom - I think you would have cleared this pretty easily, but I appreciate the concern.

Rich - I'm a reformed man. You might say I've joined a 12,000 Step program (figuring it takes that many to work off a milkshake). I have a big advantage in those programs since nobody wants to use my last name anyway.

310.4. Stan Rogers
(04/18/2005 07:26 AM)

Ouch. I managed to do the same thing with a camera pod mounted under an airplane wing once. Took a stabilizer fin to the crown, and while the cut wasn't much and there was no real cranial damage, the volume of blood was, well, startling. An inch shorter and I would have gone safely under, an inch taller and I would have just gotten a minor bump on the noggin, but I lucked right in to the Goldilocks fin....

310.5. Alan Lepofsky
(04/18/2005 09:55 AM)

Like Tom, I would have have to jump just to head butt that! I'm glad you are ok. Alan

310.6. bonj
(04/18/2005 12:59 PM)

Did your wife say that she would try to remember to close the hatch next time? :-)

Hope the headache gets better!

310.7. Ben Langhinrichs
(04/18/2005 08:16 PM)

Thanks for all the warm wishes. I am pretty much better, except that I can't comb my hair due to the super glue. Sigh! Anyway, I am feeling quite a bit better, and appreciate the thoughts and words.