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Assorted links to previous tips and posts

Thu 21 Apr 2005, 11:10 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
On the Notes 4 & 5 Gold Forum, Carl C;. Levin responded to a post of mine:
I followed your link and just wanted to say i thought you wrote that in a manner that was direct, simple , easy and most of all,understandable.  I printed it out.  thank you

Now I'm curious if you have other articles and tidbits that are available..........??Once I stopped blushing, I responded, and I thought that perhaps some of my current readers would like to see this list as well, so here it is, in no particular order:

Collections of links to other tips
Rich Text 101 series of articles 
Tips from BP102 - Advanced Notes/Web Coexistence

General reference pages
Domino Limits R5 and ND6
Domino Limits R4
Web Editors

Some assorted ones I thought of as well
Writing better hide-when formulas
Do you want your rich text "Lite"?
Tip: Getting the handle to a doc on an embedded view
Tip: Changing "@Created" time
Tip: Making documents dynamic in read mode with hide-whens
Simplifying hard to read formulas
Tip about 64KB limit in ND6 formula language
Web borders like Notes borders
Hiding a rich text field

and a few related ones about formula language in Notes 6 and above:
Top that, Rocky!
Limits to cleverness
Using @Do as an expression

And, for completely useless but fun posts:
Luck be a lady tonight and other Mike Midas and Crystal Coex posts

For more, you'll just have to read the blog on a regular basis

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What has been said:

311.1. Ashish Sidapara
(04/22/2005 10:45 AM)

Nice collection of useful tips.

Thanks !!