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Updated Domino Limits page including ND7

Tue 6 Sep 2005, 12:48 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have posted an updated Domino Limits page including limits for Notes/Domino 7.  Despite the name, this includes Notes client limits, Designer limits and Domino server limits.  The main page shows R5, ND6/6.5 and ND7, but there is also a Domino Limits for R4.

You may notice that there aren't a lot of differences between ND6/6.5 and ND7.  That is partly because not a lot has changed as far as limits are concerned, and partly because people haven't had a chance to use Notes/Domino 7 and tell me what their experiences tell them, aside from what the documentation says.

If you see any errors in any of these limits, or have additional limits you would like to discover and/or make note of, please respond to this blog entry and I will endeavor to get them added to the list.   This is a living document, and as such depends on information from anybody who has it.

The web URL for the Domino limits page will remain as DominoLimits so if you want to include a link from your website or weblog, please go right ahead.

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What has been said:

362.1. Kerr
(07/09/2005 02:23)

The designer 7 help claims text field size is now:

"32KB (storage); 32KB displayed in a view's column"

If this is correct it might mean some changes to the sizes for summery data etc.

Anyone checked this out?

362.2. kerr
(07/09/2005 02:44)

Ok, I notice this is the same as the 6.5 help. I thought you could only get 15k back in a view. Pah, thought there was a change somewhere.

Insert rant about wanting bigger plain text fields...

I'm off to run a few tests to get it straight in my head.

362.3. Neil Roberts
(10/07/2005 11:48 AM)

Do you know what the magic limit is for documents in a folder - not a view.

Based on my experience, I believe it is between 16k and 19k documents.

Sound about right?