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What is your REAL front door?

Sun 6 Nov 2005, 04:18 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
When you walk up to my house, there is a front door, but hardly anybody uses it.  Instead, everybody who knows us walks a bit further up the driveway to get to the side door, which is our REAL front door.  I was thinking about it today, and the Genii Software website is like this as well.  There is a home page, but it is hardly the most visited, or even the first visited.  Looking at statistics for the year 2005 so far, there are about six times as many hits on the blog as there on the Genii Software home page.  Likewise, there are about three times as many hits on the Midas Rich Text LSX page as on the home page, and close to that many on the CoexLinks page.  The CoexEdit page is coming up fast, with more hits than the Midas page in the past six weeks.  And that isn't even including the Domino Limits page, which gets close to the number of hits CoexLinks does, and the unbelievable Web Editors page, which actually gets more hits than any other single page.  I tend to discount those two because while they get lots of hits, they don't generate much traffic to the rest of the site.

The question is, how should this effect matters?  One possibility is that the press releases should show up elsewhere, since nobody sees them who comes in the side door.  What else might be missed by people slipping in directly to the Midas page, for example?  How will they ever hear about CoexEdit, which might be just what they need?  This needs some pondering.

How about your website?  Where is your real front door?  Are you missing anything by letting people in through the side door?

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What has been said:

390.1. Jerry Glover
(11/06/2005 08:54 PM)

I kinda like what Joel does on his full blog entries. He has a short blurb about his (latest) product. He titles it Advertainment and I think the coined word helps draw your attention to it. The text is short enough you will it so I think it's an effective way to highlight a product or bring attention to another part of your site.