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Things are really cooking over at OpenNTF

Tue 8 Nov 2005, 12:24 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
OpenNTF is really cooking (intentional pun on their chef theme) these days.  The projects seem to be hopping, the downloads seem to be growing, the energy is almost palpable.  I guess it is a bit like launching a new product.  No matter how good, it takes a while for people to hear of it, then hear of it again, then try it out, and finally buy it, then talk to their friends about it.  Similarly, lots of people by now have heard of OpenNTF, heard of it again, maybe seen a template used at Lotusphere, finally found a need and downloaded a template, and now are talking to their friends about it.  Pretty cool!

Even cooler, in my mind, are the branches.  The WikiFAQ has just started over there, although we won't make a lot of noise until it is a bit more populated and ready, and there seem to be other ideas popping up each day.  A fellow blogger had an idea (which I won't talk about yet), I responded with a follow up, and by the next day, we had contacted Bruce Elgort and were talking about how it could be hosted by OpenNTF.  It is like the better social software which starts to morph almost on its own.

So, keep an eye on OpenNTF.  I think you'll be surprised at how big a factor it will be in the next couple of years in the Notes/Domino world.

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What has been said:

391.1. Alan Lepofsky
(11/08/2005 09:52 AM)

I think OpenNTF has been a fantastic organization. These folks are very dedicated to helping the Lotus community, and have produced some great work. Good luck and continued success, you (they) have my support.

391.2. Jess Stratton
(11/09/2005 06:17 AM)

It's actually at the point now for me where I can't draw the distinction between what's part of the standard Notes mail file features and what has been added by the OpenNTF Mail Experience. I've been using it for so long, I forget that it's a customized template. :-)

391.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(11/09/2005 06:30 AM)

Alan - I should clarify that I have no real connection to OpenNTF, not a founder, not a contributor, and barely a user of any of their stuff. They believe in open source. I believe in making money selling commercial software. The real point of connection, which is similar to IBM's point of connection with open source software and Linux, is that I think I can use them to make money. They think they can use me to make publicity for their efforts and to give them good ideas to run with, such as the WikiFAQ. We are probably both correct. Win win, even if a bit cynical.

391.4. Dovid
(11/09/2005 07:11 AM)

Ben, not to burst your cynical bubble (or to strengthen it?), but OpenNTF'ers like commercial success, too. No conflict between that and open source. Some of us expect that OpenNTF buzz provides good marketing for us personally, and perhaps even leads to contracts based on the OpenNTF code.

391.5. Nathan T. Freeman
(11/10/2005 01:13 AM)

Ben, I think you're a great guy with a great product... but you're no Dennis Leary. ;-)