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Lotusphere 2006 sessions database is coming soon

Mon 21 Nov 2005, 03:34 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
The sixth annual Lotusphere Sessions database is coming along nicely, with some really cool features added this year, thanks in large part to the collaboration of several members of Penumbra.  That collaboration is going to make this year's database more interesting than ever, although some of the best features are going to be held off for a bit to preserve the surprise.  To recognize the hard work and cooperation, this will be called the Penumbra Lotusphere 2006 Sessions Database (we should call it PickQuick for short).

In any case, the sessions are up on the Lotusphere website, and they have times and speakers, but, alas, they have no rooms yet.  So, until IBM releases the rooms, I'm not going to release the database.  It is just too useless to have sessions with no places.

But when they show up...

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