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In an odd twist of fate

Sat 18 Feb 2006, 01:47 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Frankfurt, Germany - I am in Germany to give a couple of sessions at the EntwicklerCamp 2006, so I left Friday to fly from Cleveland to Frankfurt via Newark.  Unfortunately, there were high winds in Cleveland on Friday and they moved on to Newark, so my flight was delayed and delayed (including more than an hour with the plane loaded just waiting to take off).  I got to Newark without a lot of time to spare before my connecting flight, but as I jogged through the airport, I looked at the flights to make sure my connecting flight was not delayed or cancelled, as some other flights had been.  I noticed that the flight to Greensboro was cancelled, but didn't think anything of it... Greensboro is just close to Frankfurt on the list and my flight was not delayed.

What I didn't know was that my Dad was in the Newark airport, waiting for the flight to Greensboro that never went.  He eventually flew back to Boston, but we must have both been there at the same time, and neither of us knew it.  Strange.  Of course, given that I had no time to see him, it is probably best I didn't know, but still, it feels odd.

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