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Need your opinion of CoexLinks ads

Mon 27 Feb 2006, 05:45 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am considering running a few banner ads.  Here are a few quick ones... I wondered if any of them speak to you or if they leave you more confused then before.  For those who don't know about our CoexLinks product, the goal is to help people who may have to deal with Notes/Domino applications and some mix of Outlook/Exchange mail (even for a single division due to an acquisition, for example), and who have workflow applications or other use of doclinks that don't work well now.  CoexLinks seamless converts doclinks to usable links or NDLs that will work in Outlook, and it doesn't require any programming.  It is just a plug in to the Domino server.

Any thoughts or opinions on these choices?  Do I need to keep working, or should I use one of these?

Version 1

CoexEdit ad 1 for

Version 2

CoexEdit ad 2 for

Version 3 (like #1 but with different words on bottom)

CoexEdit ad 3 for

Version 4 (posted later based on comments from various people - like #1 but with different font and doclinks added)

CoexEdit ad 4 for

Version 5 (posted later based on comments from various people - like #2 but with different font and doclink moved)

CoexEdit ad 5 for

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What has been said:

440.1. Stephan H. Wissel
(02/27/2006 07:17 PM)

You might consider looking for a different font. MS Comic is typically not associated with high quality, high professional work/products... and you don't want to undersell Coex.

The equation in #3 is nice, however you need to look for a different separator (a : ?) between CoexLinks and Notes doclinks. Or write it

Notes doclins + Genii CoexLinks = Outlook doclinks - hassle.

my 1.5c (SGD)

:-) stw

440.2. Joe Litton
(02/28/2006 05:37 AM)

First one is the best. The 3rd could be misread ... " - hassle" is not how I would want an ad to end. You don't want 'hassle' to be the final thought ...possibly the association one ends up with after reading a blurb about Genii.

I think #1 is the easiest to understand, and the graphics are simple.

440.3. Mac Guidera
(02/28/2006 07:03 AM)

I would like to see a combo of 1 and 2. Keep the Notes icon, but add a doclink to number one. Also change out the Comic font and consider something like the new Genii one. And also, why not use a current Outlook 2003 icon?...It look a bit nicer.

440.4. Joe Litton
(02/28/2006 08:20 AM)

YES! Number 4 is cool. Attractive, easy to understand ... I like it.

440.5. Doug Cohen
(02/28/2006 09:24 AM)

I'm a fan of #4. Just by looking at the pictures, it's easily inferred that Notes, DocLinks and Outlook are all involved. I also prefer this Outlook icon.

In addition, the phase at the bottom is a strong, yet simple statement. CoexLinks: Definition of what it will do for you

440.6. Stephan H. Wissel
(02/28/2006 10:52 AM)

#4 is very good

:-) stw

440.7. Mac Guidera
(02/28/2006 11:51 AM)

#4 is exacly what I was thinking! Well done :)

440.8. Mike
(01/03/2006 07:19)

#4 for me too Ben

Most professional looking and (in my mind) explains the product best

440.9. Roberto Boccadoro
(03/01/2006 08:17 AM)

#4 for me