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"People-ready", Microsoft-not

Tue 21 Mar 2006, 11:36 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
On March 16th, Microsoft announced the launch of a $500 million ad campaign with the tagline of "Microsoft: Software for the people-ready business", according to Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft.  Yet, on March as reported in this CNN article, Microsoft is yet again, not ready for the people.  Windows Vista has been delayed to January 2007.  Now, I have no objection to delays in order to make a product better, safer and more reliable, but it feels a bit like Microsoft just can't seem to get unmired from the slithy toves of Quality Assurance.  C'mon, they had to know this delay was going to happen on the 16th, but they chose to go forward with their ad campaign, even as they proved that despite being the largest software company in the world, they are sometimes not ready for prime time.  There are excellent people at Microsoft, skilled developers, creative thinkers and even a few careful QA people, but the "people-ready" tag may seem a bit ironic to those companies waiting to see the return for their subscription maintenance.

As for the picture, I guess these two gentlemen are indicating that "Windows Vista is out there, somewhere".

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What has been said:

446.1. Julian Robichaux
(03/23/2006 05:35 AM)

Great picture. I'd caption it as: "There goes the ship date, flying by again. See, there it goes!"