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New CoexLinks presentation - looking for feedback

Tue 23 May 2006, 12:32 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Mark Ramos and I have been batting back and forth this PowerPoint presentation for a while, but he made a spiffed up version for the Admin 2006 show in Boston.  I then altered the background, and a couple minor things, and added it to our website.  It just takes a couple of minutes to watch, but I wondered what you all think of it.  Too glitzy, or just enough to be interesting?  Should there be more information, or is this enough to make it clear what problem the product solves?  I'd be very interested to hear any feedback.  (Just let it run.  It pauses for a few seconds on the title page, but after that runs automatically.)

Presentation cover page   Watch the presentation (requires PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer)

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