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Interview with Ken Bisconti regarding Workplace and productivity editors

Tue 5 Sep 2006, 11:53 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Andy Updegrove had an interview with Ken Bisconti which focused on the ODF-compliant productivity editors which are already in the IBM Workplace Managed Client V2.6 and will soon be in Hannover (which Mr. Bisconti referred to as "Lotus Notes 8", confirming recent posts to that effect).  I was interested in the way Mr. Bisconti focused on the "on-demand" nature of the editors as a key differentiator.  I was also intrigued that the editors are not fully ODF compliant in the WMC 2.6, but are planned to be in Hannover in "Spring 2007".  I just hope that the "on-demand" nature is preserved in Hannover, as I am less sure how that will be achieved in the Notes model, and it seems fairly key to the value proposition.

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What has been said:

486.1. John Head
(09/05/2006 10:45 AM)

Ben ... I think he is talking more along the lines of how it is distributed vs. being able to open a notes document directly in the editor as ODF. Everything I have heard still says that the 8.0.0 IPE will be focused on attachments. The ability to render a Notes form as an ODF document in the edtiors is not a 8.0.0 feature (but I am not IBM, and who knows what can happen).

486.2. Richard Schwartz
(09/05/2006 08:30 PM)

I have no idea what Ken B. means by "on-demand" on this context. What do you believe it means?