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Update on the file icons

Wed 18 Oct 2006, 08:20 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As I mentioned in my previous post, I am collecting large and small icons for a number of file types.  Here is what I am up to now:

Regular (text under image) icons
Default icon  Windows bitmap (.bmp) icon  AVI (.avi) icon  Cascading Style Sheet (.css) icon  MS Word (.doc) icon  GIF (.gif) icon  iCalendar Calendar Data (.ics) icon  JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) icon  MS Web Archive (.mht) icon  Notes doclink (.ndl) icon Impress (.odp) icon Writer text (.odt) icon  Adobe PDF (.pdf) icon  MS PowerPoint (.pps) icon  MS PowerPoint (.ppt) icon  Text (.txt) icon  MS Excel (.xls) icon  XML (.xml) icon  PKZip (.zip) icon

Smaller (text to the right of image) icons
Horizontal default icon  Horizontal Illustrator Vector Graphic (.ai) icon  Horizontal AVI (.avi) icon  Horizontal windows bitmap (.bmp) icon  Horizontal MS Word (.doc) icon  Horizontal encapsulated postscript (.eps) icon  Horizontal GIF (.gif) icon  Horizontal JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) icon  Horizontal PDF (.pdf) icon  Horizontal PNG graphic (.png) icon  Horizontal Photoshop (.psd) icon  Horizontal XML (.xml) icon  Horizontal PKZip (.zip) icon

I'm still looking for additional icons, if you know of any.  Declan Lynch kindly helped me out with a number of small icons (which he is integrating with Blogsphere somehow), but I'd love to see any more.  Thanks for the suggestions so far, and let me know if you think of others.

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505.1. Bruce Elgort
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Visio and MindManager.