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Wed 24 Jan 2007, 08:38 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As part of Lotusphere's "unconference", there will be a SpeedGeeking event today which promises to be very cool.  Here is the list of topics I know about so far (and I know this isn't all)...

SpeedGeek Topic
SpeedGeek Description SpeedGeek Speaker Info 
Tip-Olympics Watch Bill and Paul try to outdo each other with Development -v- Administration tips.  You choose the winner! Paul Mooney 
Senior Architect 
Blue Wave Technology 

Bill Buchan 
Activity Management - using it disconnected GCC Activity Manager is an open source research prototype that helps you organize your documents, links, tools, etc. around your business activities. 
As an IBM Lotus Notes 8 based composite application and "true NSF" it works especially when you need it most - in disconnected mode. We show you the tool and ideas behind the tool. 
Dr. Ludwig W. Nastansky
Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn

Ingo Erdmann
Research Senior
Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn 
The best things in life are free! See how we've used just Domino and some open source templates to make a fantastic web portal! Warren Elsmore 
Technical Director 
BE Systems 
Enhancing Web Applications using Object-Oriented Javascript We'll take a quick look at representing documents returned in Domino web views as JavaScript objects as the first step in developing dynamic web apps. Erik Werfel
Senior Consultant
Binary Tree, Inc. 
Pimp My Notes Skins and themes for Notes applications. Alan Bell
Principal Consultant
Dominux Consulting 
Geeks have Layers, too! Five uses for layers in five minutes (db provided). Guaranteed to amaze! Ben Langhinrichs 
Genii Software 
Application Performance Tips for Notes and Web Developers Detect what is happening in Notes Client when the yellow lightning bolt appears.  How to cache web items for faster page loads. Jamie Magee

Kevin Marshall
"Pimp my Database" - Turning your Domino Web Applications into Web 2.0 Ajax Applications with free Ajax Frameworks I will show a simple database with a web view and a form transformed into a sharp looking UI just by adding a couple of javascript include statements. By using a combination of freely (like in freedom and as in beer) available frameworks (, dojo, sarissa, behaviour, rico, ...) you do not need to even know how to program javascript! Gregory Engels 
Founder and CEO 
Top 10 Things You Wish Your Boss Understood About IT Any Notes Administrator or Developer can make a mistake, but to really screw things up requires management intervention.  Come join us for a sometimes humorous but always subversive look at common IT management misconceptions, and maybe learn how to set your boss straight. Kevin Pettitt 
Pettitt Design Consulting 
Custom Website Statistics with IBM Lotus DominoHow to use the power of CGI combined with LotusScript to gather thorough information about who exactly is accessing your site and what it is they are doing. 
Devin S. Olson
azlighthouse works, llc.

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What has been said:

549.1. Chris Miller
(01/25/2007 10:25 PM)

Yes mine was missing from the list, my fault for not uploading the info, it was a surprise. A surprise to me too ;-)

I did Sametime Architecture and Scaling, LDAP infrastructure to support it and then wrapped the Sametime Gateway on both of those. 3 presentations in 5 minutes. With every 17th person getting a copy of my book as a take away